Grassroots Efforts Driving Global Human Rights Movement

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Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) June 11, 2015 Empowerment and reforms were the focus of a global human rights education effort this month through concerts, marches, school programs and seminars in areas as diverse as Oregon, Italy, Burundi, Bangladesh and Brazil. Spearheading the effort were two leading nonprofit advocacy groups, United for Human Rights and Youth for Human Rights, both sponsored by the Church of Scientology as part of its efforts to draw attention to the critical importance of human rights worldwide. Among the numerous activities inspired by the educational outreach was an initiative by one social work supervisor in Minneapolis. She ordered the United for Human Rights Education Package to introduce the 16 clinical social workers she mentors to the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights and its application to their clients. Other initiatives inspired by the programs include the following: In Burundi, a Youth for Human Rights Group sprang up under the leadership of an NGO that contacted Youth for Human Rights International. After reading about the group on its websites, they requested permission to officially launch Youth for Human Rights Chapters in their country. One university in Oregon contacted Youth for Human Rights International requesting permission to stream the group’s public service announcements at their extended campus. It also requested to stream and host the videos in a web-based Spanish course so students, teaching assistants, instructors and course development staff can use the materials in their educational activities. In Albania, two students who attended the 3rd annual Asian Human Rights Summit in Taiwan in May returned home ready to introduced a number of initiatives in their native country, learned from youth delegates from Taiwan, Nepal and Japan. In Bangladesh, the recently formed local Youth for Human Rights group organized and held workshops for more than 100 university students. Workshops for hundreds more are planned. The head of a foundation in Kitwe, Zambia, created an educational program called “Know your Rights” to be launched across that nation. The program intends to partner with churches, religious groups, cooperative societies and schools, and use the Youth for Human Rights materials to teach the Universal Declaration of Human Rights to youths and adults, with educators in at least 10 provinces volunteering to train with these materials. A lecturer with a Madagascar university ordered a set of United for Human Rights educational materials to use in his mentoring of a group of young people dedicated to peace and human rights. A graduate student in Nigeria wrote to United for Human Rights after receiving the group’s educational materials, expressing his own commitment to make sure that this message reaches his community. He plans to use them in his volunteer work, teaching an undergraduate human rights in world politics course and in a project to promote a culture of peace and human rights in secondary schools. In Brazil, a professor of sociology thanked United for Human Rights for the quality of its educational materials, which he said have made his human rights education program so much more effective. Four city councils in Italy used these materials in an event attended by the region’s primary school children and their grandparents. Called “From Roots to Wings,” the program involves the grandparents in activities to impart their wisdom to future generations. Scientologists on five continents engage in collaborative efforts with government agencies and nongovernmental organizations to bring about broad-scale awareness and implementation of the 1948 United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the world’s premier human rights document. To learn more, visit .

Chicago Rapper Matti Baybee Releases New Single “Shout Out To My Jeweler”

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Chicago, IL (PRWEB) July 06, 2015 Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes presents the release of the “Shout Out To My Jeweler” Single by Matti Baybee. This hot new track is currently available to stream and download on the Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes website. With production credits from ISM Beats, “Shout Out To My Jeweler” is the first single off of Matti Baybee’s upcoming project “So Abnormal 2” The Mixtape. Chicago has bred many talented artists from its inner city streets, but none as Crafty, young & gifted, as Matthew Ben-Israel Hess, better known to his fans as Matti Baybee. So ahead of his time, the 16 year old Chicago native has sparked a undeniable flame as one of Chicagoans well known Hip Hop artist. Matti Baybee began his music career about 2 years ago during his 8-grade year of school, while still becoming valedictorian of his 8-grade class. In the midst of all the negative press and gun violence that has plagued the city of Chicago, Matti Baybee is a light that’s shinning thru all the gloominess. While all the young mc’s around his age rhyme with profanity about guns, drugs, sex, gang affiliation, Matti Baybee has chosen a different approach. Though Matti uses no profanity, not even the N word, he has still been able to attract fans, maintain a stronger base, and deliver a fresh, unique, industry ready sound to music lovers from all ages and walks of life. Matti states in one of his rhymes “The streets are not a joke that’s why I’m never in the streets I’m just trying to make some music to make it to the industry”. Matti Baybee, under the young legends Music Group independent imprint, released his first Mixtape in Sept 2013 titled Young Legend Vol. 1, hosted by DJ Victorious, which yielded 180K downloads on, A Classic Master Piece according to internet blog sites. Without hesitation and a young, energized unwavering work ethic, Matti completed a total of 5 music videos for the project, accumulating over 4.5 million views. Matti Baybee’s buzz is Chicago led to him garnering songs featuring signed artist such as Def Jam Recording Artist Lil Durk, Epic Records/King Louie. While the success of the Mixtape is not enough to minimize his work ethic, Matti continued to drop songs & videos featuring the likes of fellow Chicago artist, Lil Mouse. Receiving continuum success, Matti dropped 3 more videos; gaining over 2 million views off of freestyles songs as well as original music. The release of his 2nd Project Young Legend Vol. 2 did nothing less than catapult him to extreme heights and solidified him as one Chicago’s household names above most of his peers. The mixtape released April 1st 2014, less than one year prior to the first release recorded undeniable numbers, over 120k downloads in the first 3 months. Continuing to work vigorously, with appearances on VLADTV, Interviews with Radio stations, 3 new videos, which also has produced astonishing numbers. One song featuring his cousin BIG GLO an artist, who was just signed to Interscope Records, but passed away prior to the release. (RIP BIG GLO) With an untamed motivation to move forward and achieve the ultimate dream, Matti now prepares for the release his 3rd mixtape on July 26th 2014 in Atlanta, at the Fleet DJs Music Conference . With success of a major label situation on the horizon Matti Baybee has a name, a strong following & the potential to capture the world with his music. Watch his future unfold before your eyes. Success is inevitable. Stay up to date with news regarding Matti Baybee on Twitter at: @MattiBaybee About Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes are the most widely distributed mixtapes in the world, with over 100 million downloads/plays generated by over 200 volumes officially hosted by major artists. Coast 2 Coast has a solid reach in the new music industry with a digital magazine, DJ coalition, industry tips blog, yearly convention, and more. Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes represents a unique opportunity for artists of all urban genres, from major to indie. For more information, visit Find More Music Press Releases

Mayors of Tlaxcala, Mexico Develop Partnership with United States of America for Social Betterment at Historical La Trininidad Convention Center

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Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) June 11, 2015 The Organizacion of Tlaxcaltelcas USA, Inc. and the Friends of L. Ron Hubbard Foundation presented social betterment programs to Mayors and dignitaries from across the ancient state of Tlaxcala, Mexico who were also treated to a concert showcasing the rich history and culture of the state. Formally opened by the Mayor of Santa Cruz, Tlaxcala, Lauro Martin Hernandez who introduced the President of the Council of Mexican Federations in the in the United States (COFEM), Sylvia Marin, who summarized recent changes on the conditions of Mexican immigrants in the United States. Guest speaker from Los Angeles Francisco Sanz Polo, President of the Friends of L. Ron Hubbard Foundation presented successful social betterment programs to enrich the Tlaxcalan culture and reverse declining social conditions. The keynote speaker Abel Garcia, President of the Organization Tlaxcaltecas USA, Inc addressed attendees on the importance of maintaining ties between Tlaxcalans who immigrated to the United States and their roots in Mexico to improve social conditions. Showcasing the culture of Tlaxcala was a presentation of the Children’s Symphonic Orchestra of Totolac of Tlaxcala who performed an interpretation of musical themes from the famed Mexican composer Francisco Gabilondo Soler and creator of “Cri-Cri”. The festivities included a special appearance of “Soles de Muhu Yumh” a children’s choir from Ixtleco singing in the ancient pre-Hispanic language called “Otomi.” The choir conquered the hearts of those at the convention center through the translation of popular Mexican songs to the ancient Otomi language which was spoken in Tlaxcala long before the Spanish conquerors appeared in America. Francisco Sanz-Polo, President of the Friends of L. Ron Hubbard Foundation based in Los Angeles, presented programs and tools being used by communities around the world to improve social conditions. Included was “The Way to Happiness,” a common-sense guide for better living and the most widely distributed of its kind, “The 21 precepts contained in this booklet are values which are held in common by men from all races, creeds and nationalities and have been used to positively influence the lives of millions around the world,” stated Sanz-Polo. “The Way to Happiness” is a common sense guide to better living containing 21 precepts of moral values that apply to all people of all races and nationalities. These are points such as treating others as you would like them to treat you, helping children, honoring parents, being competent and industrious, do not harm people of good will etc. “The Way to Happiness” was published in 1981. To date over 100 million copies have been passed from hand to hand in all continents and over 90 languages. More Spanish Press Releases

SAE International Appoints Frank Menchaca as New Chief Product Officer

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WARRENDALE, Pa (PRWEB) June 10, 2015 SAE International announces the hiring of Frank Menchaca as its new Chief Product Officer. In his role, Mr. Menchaca will lead SAE International’s efforts to create, aggregate, curate and deliver information in ways that surpass the next generation of engineers’ and industries’ information needs. “Frank is a thought leader and a seasoned information executive who has spent most of his career developing and implementing forward-thinking content strategies for disseminating innovative products to students, researchers and professionals around the globe,” David L. Schutt, PhD, Chief Executive Officer of SAE International, said. “We are pleased to have him as part of the SAE International team.” Throughout his professional career, Mr. Menchaca has specialized in developing products for global markets, include Brazil, Mexico, China and the Gulf states. He also has developed and managed strategic partnerships with the Smithsonian Institution, National Geographic Society, and has inspired his peers and teams to create winning solutions for public and academic institutions in the United States and throughout Europe and Asia. “I’m very excited about my opportunity with SAE International,” Menchaca said. “I believe we have a tremendous opportunity for growth by providing workflow solutions to students and professionals across the aerospace, automotive and commercial vehicle industries. In the 21st Century, information providers will succeed to the extent that their products enrich the workflows of users. SAE International has great assets and continues to set the standard of excellence for mobility engineering professionals.” A published author, Mr. Menchaca’s writings include journal articles in information science. Among his creative outputs are music production, poetry, and essays. He holds a B.A. in Spanish and English Language and Literature from New York University, Phi Beta Kappa and Magna Cum Laude; and an M.A. with Honors from Yale University in English Literature. He speaks and writes in Spanish. SAE International is a global association committed to being the ultimate knowledge source for the engineering profession. By uniting over 137,000 engineers and technical experts, we drive knowledge and expertise across a broad spectrum of industries. We act on two priorities: encouraging a lifetime of learning for mobility engineering professionals and setting the standards for industry engineering. We strive for a better world through the work of our philanthropic SAE Foundation, including programs like A World in Motion® and the Collegiate Design Series™. – – More Spanish Press Releases

Concert Pianist Oksana Kolesnikova, Teacher and Performer to the Stars, Purchases Nicolas Cage’s Heirloom Piano

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Photo by Christopher Ameruoso Beverly Hills, CA (PRWEB) June 30, 2015 The Ferrari-red grand piano, a rare collector’s item recently appraised at $ 75,000, is considered an heirloom of the Fulton/Coppola-Cage family. The magnificent instrument switched ownership to Oksana last week. Oksana Kolesnikova, pianist to the stars and recording artist, has performed for Sir Elton John, Kim Kardashian, Madonna and many more. Her eight LP releases feature original compositions and celebrity collaborations. “It’s a bit easier to collect famous guitars,” quips Oksana, owner of eleven pianos, “but instruments with rich history inspire unique creativity in performance and composition. And Christina was kind enough to practically donate this amazing instrument to Oksana School of Music where it will continue to be played by celebrities and their children.” Under Cage and Fulton’s ownership, the red piano has been played by Nicolas Cage, Tom Waits, Jim Carrey, and Johnny Depp – to name a few. Christina Fulton, Nicolas Cage, and Weston Coppola Cage have played their favorite songs on the piano. “Christina is a dear friend and collaborator, making it that much more of a privilege to honor this gorgeous heirloom.” Christina shared, “This piano could not have gone to a better family and artist like Oksana. I have been looking for a home for this piano for a while. I will miss my red piano, but I will visit it often.” Oksana and Christina are slated to collaborate on the forthcoming ‘On Point Beauty’ TV show. Christina is happy the heirloom is in the right hands, where it will be loved, cherished and honored. Christina Fulton: Christina Fulton is an American Actress, Recording Artist, and Philanthropist. Her career covers a span of over 25 years during which Christina explored and excelled in many fields including modeling, acting, interior designing, television show hosting, fashion designing and more. A newbie author with eight books in development, and has plans to bring her talents to the fitness industry this coming year. Christina is the mother of Nicolas Cage’s eldest son Weston Coppola Cage. As a self-taught, self-made woman, Christina is a creator, an inventor, and innovator. About Oksana Kolesnikova: Oksana is a Russian-American composer, concert pianist and entrepreneur, she is also owner of Oksana School of Music, where she and her team of music teachers teach children piano, guitar, violin, drums and voice, among other instruments lessons. Contact: Mr. Alex, Manager – Oksana Management Group, Inc. mgmt(at)oksana-k(dot)com More Music Press Releases

Announcing the IoT Influencers Summit

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Santa Clara, CA (PRWEB) July 07, 2015 M2 Events, the producer of the APPNATION and Chief Digital Officer Global Forum (CDX) event franchises is proud to announce the launch of our inaugural Internet of Things (IoT) Influencers Summit, set for July 21, 2015 at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, California. This is the first executive-level and business developer event in North America to focus exclusively on the emerging business and use cases for Internet of Things platforms, applications and devices. Unlike other vendor-dominated IoT conferences and events, The IoT Influencer Summit series is designed to feature and attract leading industry influencers, IoT device manufacturers, and leading global brands making significant investments in IoT devices, platforms and applications. A snapshot of the industry influencers that are assembled for this event include: Robert Scoble, Ben Parr, Michael Wolf of NextMarket Insights, Bruce Sinclair of IoT Inc., Mario Tapia of MobileMondays and Momentum, Jon Potter of App Developer Alliance, Edgar Figueroa of Wi-Fi Alliance, Noah Goldstein of Navigant, and Greg Walker of CABA. M2 Events is pleased to announce our first two keynotes including Daniel Kaufman, the Director of Consumer Protection at The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and Tom Tercek, the VP of Digital Strategy and Products at The Madison Square Garden Company, which includes the New York Knicks (NBA), Rangers (NHL), and Liberty (WNBA), Madison Square Garden, the MSG Network, Radio City Music Hall and other properties in its overall sports and entertainment portfolio. “We are pleased to launch this new event series focused on the emerging IoT economy with a high-caliber group of major industry influencers and global brands making investments in the Internet of Things,” said Drew Ianni, IoT Influencers Summit Founder and Chairman. “This event will move beyond the hype of The Internet of Things and explore emerging business and use cases, while offering best practices and working knowledge on addressing the challenges of scalability, device interoperability, and analyzing developing business models from across the IoT landscape.” Additional speaker highlights include: Sean Blankenship, CMO, Coldwell Banker Ken Drazan, Head of California Innovation Centers, Johnson & Johnson Phil Easter, Head of Mobile Apps & Wearables, American Airlines Andres Wolberg-Stok, Global Mobile and Tablet Banking Director at Citi Mark Young, VP, Strategy & Business Development, Fandango Parag Vaish, Director, Mobile Product Development, StubHub Vernon Turner, SVP & Senior Fellow, IoT, IDC and many more to be announced soon… Ranging from traditional keynotes to executive-level roundtables and on-stage interviews, the IoT Influencer Summit blends useful information, high concepts and strong networking opportunities. You can view the full agenda at About the IoT Influencers Summit: The IoT Influencers Summit is a new thought leadership event and exposition singularly focused on the burgeoning Internet of Things economy and the sub-markets created by the developers, networks, brands, agencies, research organizations and media companies that are driving it. The IoT Influencers Summit is a unit of M2 Events, LLC, a conference and thought leadership production company founded by Drew Ianni and owners and organizers of the APPNATION and Chief Digital Officer Global Forum events. For more information visit: Media Contact: Lacy Gallagher Blast PR for M2 Events 919-200-6542 lacy(at)blastpr(dot)com

Les Roches Marbella International School of Hotel Management Launches Postgraduate Program in Marketing Management for Luxury Tourism

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(PRWEB) June 11, 2015 Les Roches Marbella International School of Hotel Management, ranked by industry hiring managers as the number one hospitality management school in Spain and among the top worldwide, will launch a new postgraduate program in Marketing Management for Luxury Tourism in October 2015. This program answers industry demand for highly specialized professionals for the luxury market segment, which is increasingly becoming more relevant around the world. “During the last few years, job opportunities offered by the hospitality industry, like hotels, restaurants, and other tourism entertainment venues, have multiplied, and financial figures show extreme growth in this sector,” said Carlos Díez de la Lastra, CEO of Les Roches Marbella. “The luxury tourism segment—where the client profile is particularly demanding—is a powerful generator of new jobs which require highly qualified professionals with specialized training.” The new Marketing Management for Luxury Tourism postgraduate program lasts from nine to 12 months, and includes an academic semester at the Les Roches Marbella campus, three months of off-campus case study development, and a three-month internship in the industry. The internship includes an online program about professional development. This postgraduate program is designed to provide professionals an understanding of the impact of new technologies and trends to equip them to lead marketing projects and strategies in the dynamic global tourism environment. It focuses on the specific competences and knowledge aimed at high-class segments, exclusive services, premium products, and reputable brands. Candidates are tourism industry marketing directors, managers, and graduate students from any other specialty who would like to develop a career in marketing within the tourism industry. For more information, please visit the Les Roches Marbella website Corporate Information Les Roches Marbella is a private Spanish institution that specializes in the fields of hospitality and tourism. It offers undergraduate and post graduate programs in International Hotel Management, both combining strong academic programs in management with internship opportunities and practical training in the best hotel groups and hospitality establishments around the world; and a new postgraduate program in Marketing Management for Luxury Tourism. Les Roches Marbella is an official branch campus of Les Roches International School of Hotel Management and is accredited at university level by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges, Inc. (NEASC). Les Roches Marbella is ranked as the No. 1 international hospitality management school in Spain for an international career (TNS Global Survey – 2013). Located in the heart of Spain’s Costa del Sol and close to the famous harbor of Puerto Banús, Les Roches Marbella offers its international student body a dynamic educational environment that allows them to flourish academically, culturally, and socially while embarking on exciting and diverse professional international careers. For more information, visit Les Roches is part of Laureate Hospitality Education, a leading hospitality management education group ( and the Laureate International Universities network—a global network of more than 80 campus-based and online universities in 29 countries. For more information, please visit

USGA Launches New TV/Digital Campaign Celebrating Theres a Lot to Love About Golf

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FAR HILLS, N.J. (PRWEB) June 10, 2015 The United States Golf Association (USGA) today announced the launch of its new “There’s a Lot to Love About Golf” campaign, which features multiple television spots and animated digital banners that highlight golf as a game for everyone. The six television spots and digital banners, developed by DDB Worldwide (New York), will principally air in conjunction with the USGA’s summer schedule of televised golf championships, starting with the U.S. Open Championship on June 15. In addition to 21st Century Fox’s wide national and international platforms including Fox, Fox Business,,, and the National Geographic Channel, the television spots will air on Golf Channel and TSN Canada. This also represents the first time that a USGA television spot will air in Spanish (via MundoFox and Fox Deportes). The headline spot – “A Lot to Love” – debuted in early May on Fox Sports 1 during the inaugural U.S. Amateur Four-Ball Championship. “The game of golf is really the star here,” said Sarah Hirshland, USGA senior managing director of Business Affairs. “Intended to be welcoming and inspiring, the campaign collectively shows where the USGA is devoting its resources relative to the game and its long-term health.” Each television spot, with its corresponding digital ad unit, is themed to present several key messages and principles tied to the USGA’s mission, including: “Champions Among Us” – a 30-second spot that highlights the USGA’s commitment to amateur golf, and its capacity to inspire those who play and love the game; “The Social Game” – a 30-second spot that promotes golf as welcoming and supportive of friendly competition, as enabled by the USGA Handicap System™; “First Green Kids” – a 30-second spot featuring an educational program that teaches children about science, technology, engineering and math through the lens of the golf course habitat; and “Modernizing Rules Delivery” – a 30-second spot showcasing the digital applications –including the new interactive Rules of Golf Experience – developed by the USGA to help make the game easier to learn. “Golf creates so many positive experiences through its unifying qualities,” said Hirshland. “We believe it’s important to share these messages that can both inspire – and connect with – a wide range of audiences.” To view the USGA’s “There’s a Lot to Love About Golf” campaign, visit the USGA’s YouTube page. About the USGA The USGA annually conducts the U.S. Open, U.S. Women’s Open and U.S. Senior Open, as well as 10 national amateur championships, two state team more than 160 countries. Together with The R&A, the USGA governs the game worldwide, jointly administering championships and international matches, attracting players and fans from the Rules of Golf, Rules of Amateur Status, equipment standards and World Amateur Golf Rankings. The USGA’s reach is global with a working jurisdiction in the United States, its territories and Mexico, serving more than 25 million golfers and actively engaging 150 golf associations. The USGA is one of the world’s foremost authorities on research, development and support of sustainable golf course management practices. It serves as a primary steward for the game’s history and invests in the development of the game through the delivery of its services and its ongoing “For the Good of the Game” grants program. Additionally, the USGA’s Course Rating and Handicap systems are used on six continents in more than 50 countries. For more information about the USGA, visit

Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC) Launches Software Evaluation Campus Program Providing Students with Real-life Knowledge about Enterprise Software Evaluation

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Montreal, Quebec (PRWEB) June 09, 2015 Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC) has launched its Software Evaluation Campus Program—a new platform giving undergraduate and graduate students in management programs around the globe the chance to participate in real-world enterprise software selection scenarios. Students get free access to TEC’s software evaluation and selection tools, allowing them to gain an in-depth understanding of how enterprise software meets varying business needs. Students will benefit from real-life examples of organizations undergoing software evaluation and selection processes with the tools and techniques used by TEC’s software selection experts and its partners and clients. This includes complimentary access to TEC’s online software evaluation application, TEC Advisor, where students can learn about the evaluation process by comparing and contrasting features of top software solutions and how they stack up against an organization’s requirements—as done in a real-world software selection project. Educators can use TEC Advisor to define the most commonly used enterprise software solutions, explore case studies, and conduct exercises using actual software selection scenarios. “This unique program guides students through each step of the software decision-making process, including the research, evaluation, and selection phases,” says Pragni Sanghvi, Campus Program Director at TEC. “TEC has years of experience helping companies find the right software and we are happy to share our proven approach with the corporate leaders of tomorrow. We’re already seeing substantial interest from universities in North America, Asia, and Europe.” Several postsecondary educational institutions around the globe have already signed on to participate in the TEC Software Evaluation Campus Program, such as the UNSW Business School, Australia’s leading business school, offering one of the top 100 MBA programs worldwide. Educators and students in MBA, business administration, information systems, supply chain management, business intelligence (BI), human resource management (HRM), manufacturing, engineering, and finance programs can benefit from this program. “The TEC Software Evaluation Campus Program provides students with in-depth insight about real-world business software requirements. Studying a proven software evaluation methodology gives them an edge in the business world that is invaluable in today’s job market,” says Reza Mirsalari, PhD student and teaching assistant, École Polytéchnique de Montréal. For more information about the TEC Software Evaluation Campus Program, and to receive access to an online demo of TEC’s methodology, contact +1 514-954-3665, ext. 345, or e-mail University_Inquiries(at)technologyevaluation(dot)com. The program is available in English, French, and Spanish. About Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC) Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC) is the world’s leading provider of software selection resources, services, and research materials, helping organizations evaluate and select the best enterprise software for their needs. With its advanced decision-making process and software selection experts, TEC reduces the time, cost, and risk associated with enterprise software selection. Over 3.5 million subscribers leverage TEC’s extensive research and detailed information on more than 1,000 leading software solutions across all major application areas. TEC is recognized as an industry-leading software selection advisory firm offering resources and services both online and onsite. For more information, please visit

Algerian Expats Worldwide Can Top Up Mobiles in Algeria in Less than 1 Minute on

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(PRWEB) June 06, 2015 Algerians living abroad in France, Germany, Canada, the USA or elsewhere, can now top up mobiles in their native country on Those who already started using the service find it easy, even easier than if they made the top up from Algeria itself. On review websites they claim it takes less than 1 minute to fill in the online form available on: This new opportunity for top ups to Algeria is expected to improve the mobile communication for hundreds of people there. More precisely, family and friends of over 1,400,000 Algerians abroad (as registered by way back in 2007) may now receive support from abroad as mobile credit transferred through The networks in Algeria that welcome international top up credit are: Djezzy, Mobilis and Ooredoo. In other words, Algerian immigrants can use for refills of prepaid mobiles (numbers) in Algeria pertaining to these three operators. There is no need for a contract to purchase mobile credit in your account and then send it to Algeria. Anyone can send instant mobile credit with without hassle. There are 2 ways to top up: -directly on -or from the app called MobileRecharge, available for both iOS and Android devices. To try the service one needs to open up a free account first. This is possible: -on the website at -or from the MobileRecharge app. This means that if someone decides to use the service on their PC they’ll need to log in first on Next, go to ordering section and enter all details of the transaction: number, operator, airtime amount before proceeding to payment. And the mobile credit amount will be received instantly.     Those who get the app installed on their smartphones will automatically be required to register with MobileRecharge in order to have access to “My account.” No extra costs involved. Algeria was included in the list of countries where expats can send mobile credit as a reaction to feedback from existing and potential users. is dedicated to facilitate long-distance support or easy-to-send online gifts for ethnic groups worlwide. Every 2 minutes a new customer joins Plus, on review websites such as Trustpilot, it is highly favored above other similar services for the following strong point: -fast top up -easy to use service -100% safe transactions -Paypal accepted besides all major cards, no matter the currency or country of the sender -no contract needed -daily promotions always running on the website’s “Promotions” page, in the MobileRecharge app or the social media channels (Facebook, Google+, and Twitter) -website available in several languages: English, Spanish, German, French, Italian -Customer Support in several languages, including English and Spanish; responsive and supportive team -free MobileRecharge app: free to install on any Android or iOS device and easy to use -very active Facebook page called -Frequent Twitter updates on promotions and various expat life related issues -clear tutorials on YouTube: -regular and interesting articles at responds actively to feedback from top up users worldwide. New operators will soon be added as a result. The telecom specialists in the team are constantly working on expanding the service. About is an interactive website designed by KeepCalling, a global telecommunications company registered in 2002 in USA. Presently, KeepCalling provides its services to hundreds of thousands of consumers and businesses, with a focus on customer satisfaction. KeepCalling has been listed by Inc 5000 in top 20 telecom companies in the USA for the last 4 years. In 2014 the company was designated the 18th fastest growing company in the telecommunications industry in USA with a revenue increase of over 600% from 2010 to 2013.

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