Carmus Productions, LLC Announces Singing For Safety – Sing It On, and Band-Jam-Battle, New Extreme Music Competitions At Carmus Jamboree Music Festival Aug 14-15, 2015

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Sing It On Vocal Competition and Band-Jam-Battle Competition Offer Mega Prizes!

It is announced today that Carmus Productions, LLC has initiated two extreme music competitions to help raise funds for charity, and offer smaller town talent opportunities to receive greater exposure with their music ambitions.

Sing It On – Vocal Competition, has the theme of “Singing For Safety”, to help local Domestic Violence Charity. Christine Campbell – event producer/promoter states, “We are excited to launch “Singing For Safety” as the theme for our vocal Sing It On competition, as a percentage of funds goes to local Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Center.” The Sing It On winner will be flown to Nashville, TN to be mentored by a top producer and recorded at a top recording studio. Campbell continues, “This is a wonderful chance for a very talented individual to have a life-time experience. We are not promising any “making famous” anythings, we are just providing a great reward for those who have worked extremely hard at something they love to do, and that is SING.”

Band-Jam-Battle Competition is for bands to exploit their sound and expertise in making music, regardless of the type it is. The final winning band will receive $ 1,000.00 and Band Equipment. Promoter Christine explains, “We don’t have the means to send a band to Nashville, as that is quite costly, but we can offer money and band equipment from local music store, Mike’s Music. Prizes will increase year after year, and this is what we can do right now.” The charity that will benefit from this contest is Salvation Army.

Preliminary contests are being held July 29-30, 2015, at Civic Auditorium, Idaho Falls, ID. Sing It On Preliminary is Weds, July 29th at 7pm; Band-Jam-Battle is July 30th at 7pm. There will be 5 top artists and 5 top bands to move onto the final competition at Carmus Jamboree 2015. Sing It On Finalists perform on Friday, Aug 14 at 2:30pm, and Band-Jam-Battle finalists perform on Saturday, Aug 14, at 2:30pm.

Carmus Jamboree USA Festival 2015 comprises of national concerts, car-show, camping, 7 fairs, and 30 events that help 30 charities. Sing It On and Band-Jam-Battle are 2 of the many daytime events that are making a positive difference for non-profits. To get more information go to website:

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