Elvis the Penguin Captures Glowing Kirkus Review

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“A pompadour-touting penguin makes a bid for fame in Casanova’s zany, rollicking debut children’s book.” – Kirkus Reviews

The self-published children’s storybook, Elvis the Penguin, has received a glowing review from Kirkus Reviews. Kirkus Reviews is venerated in the publishing industry for its unbiased critique of books, and has been one of publishing’s standard bearers for quality since its inception 82 years ago.

“I’m elated. And relieved,” stated author Kara Casanova. “I was on pins and needles waiting to receive the review. Despite the fact that my little book is clocking self-publishing sales records, and I’ve always believed the story was great, it’s truly phenomenal to have Kirkus validate that it is indeed a high quality story.”

Elvis the Penguin is about a baby penguin with a pompadour who wants to sing and perform like his famous namesake, Elvis Presley. The fast-paced tale of Elvis’ quest to become famous zips children through hilarious mishap after mishap as he pursues his dream. Although Elvis the Penguin is a fun and entertaining story, it also inherently contains social values, and is now being used as a platform in elementary schools to address bullying and social tolerance.

In part, the Kirkus review states: “This quirky, upbeat, and undeniably fun children’s book is sure to make even the most reluctant Elvis fan want to join in and sing along. The author has a keen sense of humor, including zany touches such as a bad-boy gang of Bronx Zoo penguins and plot twists that reference the lyrics to Elvis Presley’s songs. Some of the pop-culture nods may be better understood by adults than by children, but the song snippets and the child-friendly backdrop of the zoo make this a perfect introduction to a bygone era of music history.”

A whimsical, heartfelt picture book about a little bird with a surprisingly big dream.” – Kirkus Reviews

To read the review in its entirety: https://www.kirkusreviews.com/book-reviews/kara-casanova/elvis-the-penguin-second-edition/

Elvis the Penguin, Second Edition ISBN 978-0-9861763-0-2.

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